GPC Academy, 2011 Fall Session

November 1, 2011, A. Reed,

Attendees from all over the United States with diverse applications ranging from proteins to polyeolefins learned GPC theory, background, and practical hands-on techniques from an international team of world expert GPC instructors including PolyRMC team members Prof. Wayne Reed, Prof. Alina Alb, and Michael Drenski, PSS-USA president, John McConville, WGE-Dr Bures owner and vice president, Carlo Dessy, and Brookhaven Instruments director of marketing and sales, Lily Zu.

Prof Wayne Reed Carlo Dessy

Other attendees included a select group of Tulane University chemistry and chemical engineering graduate students and a post-doctoral researcher from Xavier University in New Orleans.

Prof Alina O Alb Dr John McConville

The PolyRMC GPC Academy and its instrumentation sponsors are looking forward to the spring 2012 session. For more information about the next session please contact Alex Reed at or (504)865-5087

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