SEC-3010 dn/dc Refractometer

620, 535 and 470 nm available, high accuracy, includes PC-software,

The SEC-3010 dn/dc Refractometer is a deflection type instrument designed for batch mode applications. This value is required as a parameter in molecular weight measurements using static light scattering. A second interesting application is the determination of sample concentration, when dn/dc is known. This feature is especially useful when proteins are investigated, as concentration is very often unknown.

dn/dc Refractometer
The dn/dc determination requires calibration with a solvent/solute combination with known dn/dc, typically KCl in water. The calculated constant is not solvent dependent and may be used for all further measurements. In batch mode, the instrument comes with BI-DNDCW software for use with an external PC. Sample may be recovered and reconstituted, if required. Typically, five or more concentrations, ranging from 0.1 to 10 mg/mL, are recommended. New instrument readings can be performed in a matter of minutes since it only takes ~ 0.5 mL of liquid to flush out the previous sample and complete determination takes typically less tan 20 minutes.

dn/dc Validation Kit

calibrant and reference materials, tools and adapters,

The new dn/dc Validation kit is the appropriate accessory if you work with our SEC-3010 dn/dc Refractometer. The kit includes calibrant (KCl), reference materials as well as tools, syringes and adapters, in short, everything you need to operate and validate your dn/dc instrument.

dn/dc Validation Kit