SEC-3010 Pump

pump, degasser, active backflush,

GPC/SEC represents an extraordinary challenge for pumps. We expect a pump to deliver a constant, accurate, pulseless flow of agressive solvents 24 hours/day, 365 days/year and we want to perform complex calculations based on retention volume. This is the reason why a GPC/SEC pump is NOT an HPLC pump. The requirements are simply different and in GPC/SEC applications they are much tougher.

The SEC-3010 pump is manufactured to master the most demanding situations. Titanium, stainless steel, sapphire, ruby and PTFE are the only materials in contact with solvent. This choice ensures an almost unlimited lifetime of the components. The two piston are driven by individual drives allowing active, dynamic control of pulsation with no need of correction factors for different solvents, resulting into breathtaking quite baselines of all connected detectors.
We consider a degasser a must, so we included the best single channel vacuum degasser into our pump. And we also included an active piston backflushing; who works with heavy salt load in their solvent, knows the value of this feature.

SEC-3010 Autosampler

autosampler, column oven,

Autosampler are expected to performe accurate and highly reproducible sample injections at programmable times. The SEC-3010 Autosampler with its caroussel for 90 vials, will overfulfill exactly these expectations and deliver also a precisely defined sample volume. This function is very important when molar mass sensitive detectors are used then the absolute value of the injection volume is a term in the results leading equations. Equipped with two needles, one for septum-piercing the second to aspirate the sample, this unit is able of reproducible multiple injection out of the same vial.

Despite its small footprint of 360x180x380mm (14x7x15") the Autosampler includes a column oven for temperatures up to 80 °C and enough room for at least four standard 300x8mm GPC/SEC columns. Of course, the injection valve and sample loop are located in the column oven to assure temperature continuity.

Some other small details round-up this instrument like automatic recognition of an empty vial so that no air is injected into the column or controlled exhaust of solvent fumes when flushing. In case your application involves proteins and you want to keep your samples at 5 °C and avoid degradation, yes, we have sample cooling option too.

MX II Injector


Rheodyne MX Series II are automatable (motor driven) injection valves for liquid chromatography. The modular Valves of the MX II Series fulfill the variable requirements of SEC applications. These Valves are the efficient solution for superior analytical methods in day-by-day applications.

There are different ways to control the MX II Valves: by contact closure, BCD, serial or USB or manually with a button on the front panel.
However, they can be directly interfaced to any instrument of the SEC-3010 series (we supply appropriate connections), thus operated via the touch-panel of the instrument.