SEC-3010 RI Detector

monochromatic source, 620, 535 or 470 nm available, dn/dc in SEC,

Undoubtely is a DRI (differential Refractive Index) the most common detector in gel permeation chromatography GPC/SEC applications. The typically excellent sensitivity and ability to detect all kind of componds make it perfect for general concentration detection of non-UV absorbing compounds. Unlike most refractometers available, our SEC-3010 DRI operates with a monochromatic light source (620, 535 or 470nm), the most important feature when determination of dn/dc is of interest, as in case of coupling with SLS or determination of absolute concentration.

The SEC-3010 DRI detector is therefore best suited to deliver concentration information as a single detector or in a multidetector SEC-System coupled with a Light-Scattering Detector or a Viscometer. The unsurpassed sensitivity and low baseline noise are the result of superior thermal and electronic stability, which also assures long term reproducibility of results as required in GPC/SEC.

SEC-3010 Differential RI / Viscometer

dual detector, zero dead volume, highest sensitivity, up to 80 °C,

A true Dual-Detector, differential refractometer (RI) and viscometer, the only one of this kind available. Not just two detectors in one common housing, but our unique patented design. The refractometer is integral component of the viscometer bridge, measurement of concentration AND viscosity take place on the exactly same sample segment, at the very same time. Compared to the more common "external" connection of the two detectors, the SEC-3010 Dual-Detector provides a factor of 2 to 5 higher sensitivity, near ZERO delay volume and unsurpassed overall performance.

Unlike other viscometer designs, there is no need to wait for the sample "breakthrough" (the negative signal you must expect after each injection) or to adapt an "internal delay" to the number of size exclusion chromatography columns you use.
The Dual-Detector will match any application you might think of, with any solvent, at any temperature up to 80°C.