PureGPC SEC Columns

organic solvents, acqueous solvents, high resolution,

Whatever detection technology you have selected, columns are still the heart of a GPC/SEC system. Challanging applications and requirement for excellent results, can only be fullfilled with appropriate columns able to separate the compound under investigation with the highest possible resolution and absence of interactions. WGE is now able to offer a full range of GPC/SEC columns with excellent properties and lifetime.

The PureGPC Columns family consists of five different column types to match different applications. Within each type, a selection of individual poresizes is available as well as a screening column for methods development.

– for acqueous applications, including polyanions

– for separation of proteins

– common organic eluents as THF, Toluene, CH2Cl2, CHCl3

– for medium polar eluents like DMF, DMAc, DMSO

– for HFIP and other organic polar solvent

We focused on individual pore sizes as required by demanding applications.
If in doubt about which column fits your needs best, contact our experts, they will support you finding the right choice.

Polymer Standards

organic solvents, acqueous solvents, Kits and pre-mixed,

As in case of columns, good chromatography standards are something you do not want to miss. Needed for column calibration for routine analysis or universal calibration applications, as known reference for calibration of refractometers and SLS detectors or as reference material for validation and regular proof of SEC systems, standards is what we all need in our daily work. Standards are one of the few things we do not produce ourselve but purchase from the best specialists in this field.

We offer full kits for gel permeation chromatography as well as individual molar masses of carefully characterized materials. Furthermore, pre-weighed mixtures of the same material with different molar masses for fast calibration are available, you only need to add a known quantity of solvent. The spectrum ranges from standards for applications in organic solvents like Polystyrene and PMMA, to those soluble in acqueous media like Pullulans, with molar masses ranging from oligomere to the highest available.